Shield Watches

SHIELD timepieces are employed by the pros. We have earned the respect of the military, police, firemen, and professional divers. The SHIELD "BUBBLEBACK" pays tribute to one of the world's greatest watch designs by the world's most recognized watch brand.

It was pre World War 2 that the "BUBBLEBACK" design was introduced. It was over-sized, thick, and overbuilt to protect the watch movement. Designed to take the abuse of wartime, the thickness of the steel case and the heavy glass crystal made the watch functional, yet it was never considered an attractive watch. In fact, many thought it was ugly. Yet, due to quality, the armed service supported the watch via sales at the PX. (military exchange) If a soldier needed a timepiece that would endure the stress of war, the "BUBBLEBACK" was the only choice. Other men's watches at that time were 35% smaller and much thinner. Yet, today the bulky design is fashion forward. The "BUBBLEBACK" design returns and becomes a 21st century watch. If you were to locate a "BUBBBLEBACK" today it would sell for several thousands of dollars.

Our watch engineers reviewed the classic design and made improvements due to the changing of technology. The surgical steel case remains the same quality yet we added a helium release value so the watch can reach 500 meters or 1640 feet of water resistance. Compare that to the majority of divers watches, which reach 200 meters or 600 feet of water resistance. SHIELD pushes the limits. Our hands offer Super Luminova for long lasting night vision. We continue to use a Swiss precision watch movement. SHIELD improved the "BUBBLEBACK" to satisfy today's professional needs. Yet we reserved the cost so the timepiece can be justified by the public that demands both fashion and quality. Test the SHIELD "BUBBLEBACK" and if you are dissatisfied we will pay for the return shipping and refund your complete payment. Compare with more expensive timepieces and you will discover SHIELD sets a new standard of quality.